We’re Celebrating National Son & Daughter Day

We’re Celebrating National Son & Daughter Day

We’re Celebrating National Son & Daughter Day

Mother, bonus mom, stepmom, mommy, adoptive mother- No matter your title, you are a parent! Your children are your pride, your joy, your teachers, your patients, the loves of your lives. National Son & Daughter Day is on August 11th- this week, let’s celebrate and show appreciation for the gift that doesn’t stop giving (Or Taking!) - check out the list below for some thoughtful ways to celebrate:


There is no better feeling than being in the presence of the ones you love. In a world where we are pulled in many directions, quality time is something to cherish! Stop, pause, and enjoy each other. Cuddle up on the couch, binge-watch movies or your favorite tv shows, laugh, share space! It’s so simple, and it costs nothing! 


Everyone loves their mama’s cooking. And if you don’t know how to, well, pull out a recipe! It’s hands-on, enforces togetherness, strengthens bonds, and can even become a family ritual. It’s a fun way to unplug from social media, initiate conversation and enjoy a delicious meal together. 


Pull out the old family album and take a ride down memory lane- We guarantee you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry. There’s just something about an old tattered photo that tugs on heartstrings. And oh! The stories! The embarrassing ones, the sad ones, the happy ones, the ones we thought we’d never evolve from- they’re all there in a 4x4, black and white photograph.


Go outside! Whatever fun things that get your adrenaline pumping- do that! And better yet, make it something that promotes team building- Go bowling, try an escape room, go on a road trip, and if the distance is a factor, hop on Zoom and do a scavenger hunt! It’s all in the creativity. 


Last and not least, for the mommy’s that have lost a child, take the time to remember, visit their gravesite, wear an article of their clothing, and know that it’s ok to cry and mourn for however long you need to. 

Are you ready to celebrate? Shop our “Black Women Nutrition” Facts Apparel and show your children that they’re a product of something beautiful! 

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