Success During A Pandemic For Women Of Color

Success During A Pandemic For Women Of Color

Success During A Pandemic For Women Of Color

We survived! Welcome to 2021, the year of continued dedication and endless rewards. The year 2020 either forced or encouraged us to be creators and innovators. Below we’re highlighting three women who turned a worldwide setback into triumph! 

  • Meet Anifa Mvumeba, Founder/Designer of Hanifa, a fashion line curated for the “Limitless Women”. 
  • On May 22nd, 2020, Anifa debuted, Pink Label Congo Collection!

  • She created a 3-D fashion show presented on Instagram Live. Imagine, designer pieces, walking, free of actual models yet still conveying beauty and life. The ghost-like figures emulated “real” women, and strutted as if they were on the Runway of New York Fashion Week.

    Anifa’s mission, designing feminine clothing for women of different shapes and sizes, women who work in a range of careers and come from all over the world.” represents who we are as beautiful black women of color. We’re diverse, different, and daring!


    Meet Ashley Marie Rouse, founder of Trade Street Jam Company.

    In 2017 Ashley quit her 9-5 to become a full time entrepreneur- selling handcrafted vegan jams. Yet, how do you truly grow in a saturated market? Ashley used her platform to show that versatility is key in taking your business to heights that surpass your own expectations. 

    At the beginning of 2020, Ashley set a goal to exceed sales from the previous year, then Covid hit, and hustle kicked in. In September of 2020, Ashley discussed in an interview that she is now selling her jams in Wholefoods, and has exceeded sales by 1000%! And she was sure to clarify, 1000%!

    How did she do it? Persistence and dedication to her brand. Ashley shows her audience how to use jams to make anything from 5-course dinners to the perfect cocktail! Oh and did we say that she just had a baby! 2020 has metaphorically birthed the black women.


    Meet Sharie Wilson and Tonya Thompson, Hair Salon owners who set out to take care of their clients during the pandemic, minus the salon chair.

    In November, they launched “Healthy Hair Care System Starter Kit” which is a 5 step/product hair regime that’s done in the comfort of your home.

    However, the process to launch was not an easy task. Due to lack of funds to back a full launch, they instead opted to do a prelaunch. They made over 100k in four hours! On Thanksgiving eve! A true story of identifying a need and switching gears to fulfill it. Black Friday came early for Sharie and Tonya! 

    What have been your 2020 accomplishments? What makes you feel proud to be a Black women? Purchase our “Proud Black Woman” T-shirt and let the world know!

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