Protect Black Women Of Color: A Conversation Starter

Protect Black Women Of Color: A Conversation Starter

Protect Black Women Of Color: A Conversation Starter

Recently a young black woman, in Harlem, was attacked near a liquor store after politely declining an offer, made by a black man, to purchase her drinks. Disgusting! So we decided to ask the question and gain prospective from black women and men.

We asked the following question: “How can black men actively protect black women?”


“Start by standing up for us when people talk down to us. Stop saying they don’t deal with black women.” 

“Speak up and stand up when they see something wrong. INTERVENE!”

“Always defending them. The same way they protect their moms or sisters.”

We’re left asking ourselves why did no one step in? Bystanders watched as this lady was attacked, bitten, and beat. Why is it that in the moment we need to come together, we separate? We have got to do better. 

Then we asked a few MEN:

“Black men don’t respect black women and vice versa”. When did this divide begin and how do we start to put the pieces together?

“She can only be protected if she allows us to protect her. In order for a woman to be protected indicates she needs something and most women in this day and age preach independence and declare they can fend for themselves”. That’s deep! Does our independence repel the black man? Does it make them feel weak? 

“If she can hold her own, it’s all fair game. I’m not gonna let a man disrespect a black woman, I'm stepping in if it gets physical”. But what if it doesn't get physical? Is it ok to turn a blind eye because no hands are thrown?

But then, there’s black men, like this:

“Intervene, in conversations that downplay the black woman. Even if it’s another black woman talking about a black woman.”

“Stop calling them b****s.”

Now, that’s more like it! At the core of it all the only response should be “PROTECT Black Women”! We wear ours on our chest so they know it’s real!

How can we scream “Black Lives Matter” when our “wombs” are being attacked?! Let’s keep the conversation going.

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