Love & Toxicity: Therapy In The Black Community

Love & Toxicity: Therapy In The Black Community

Love & Toxicity: Therapy In The Black Community

Brace yourselves! We’re about dig deep!

A black romantic relationship- how often have you heard of one that is not tumultuous in some aspect!? Whether that be emotionally, verbally, or physically. Now don’t mistake what we’re saying to pertain to ALL relationships- but, these things exist amongst our communities and often times than not stems from learned behavior.

But, guess what!? It’s not our fault, and we have the ability to change the narrative. When a relationship turns toxic (this applies to romantic, family or friends), we simply don’t know what to do. Therapy amongst the black community has been a resolve that we don’t tap into enough. How many of us have heard from our parents that therapy “is for white people”, or “we don’t need a stranger all up in our business”, too many of us. There’s such a negative stigma that therapy means you don’t have a handle on life. When it actually means that you do. 

We chatted with Precious, LCSW, and Founder of Modern Therapy Now, and she spoke on the need and therapeutic effects of something so simple- talking. “There’s something magical that happens when you release whatever has been in your thoughts outward. There is power in just saying what you have to say. When you release it it has to fall back on your ears, and that alone helps you create the desire to take action. For nothing else- let yourself go to be heard”

Our relationships suffer because we keep them at a surface level. We’re not digging deep to get to the root of the problem which can be solved by opening the lines of communication and creating a safe space to listen and to be heard- therapy can help with that. No more toxic love- we only want the growing kind!

Let’s counsel the culture and eliminate the stigma. It’s our duty to change the narrative and get the help we need. Shop our counsel culture hoodie today. 

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