It’s My Body : Defending Chloe Bailey

It’s My Body : Defending Chloe Bailey

It’s My Body : Defending Chloe Bailey

Since when has body shaming actually been acceptable? Because it seems like people are riding a new wave of hate- the person under attack- Chloe Bailey. Social Media has made it way too easy to not only promote love but to equally promote hate.

In 2021 and the Lizzo era, we would hope that black women are openly able to express self-love and acceptance of their bodies in any way they choose. As black women, we’ve struggled with loving ourselves wholly. Think about it - we travel overseas to strange places to have strange surgeries that alter the vessel we were born into! And when we finally get to that point where we feel free enough mentally to be authentically ourselves- here come the social media critiques.

Chloe and Halle Bailey have recently split their Instagram account and it has been the talk of social media- well...Chloe has! The internet has definitely been broken with her “Bust it Challenge” video and her more recent “I’m minding my business lighting my sage” impromptu vibe out session. In the latter, she wore a tee and underwear and the world was in a frenzy. Something so innocent turned into a debate on whether or not she was seeking attention by showing off her body-Ridiculous! But our beloved black female celebrities came to her rescue! Gabrielle Union wrote “@chloexhalle please continue to fly. Soaring while under attack is hard asf but you are not alone. Never alone. We gotchu. Keep shining!” Ava Duvernay said “Stay in the sun, Lil Sis. You got this.” And Halle Berry “Sending lots of love to Chloe

Keep doing you @chloexhalle”.

Chloe spoke out to her audience in a heartfelt message that every black woman can relate to. “I’ve been really insecure for a long time and I’m finally at that place where I have self-confidence”, “It’s so special when a black woman can be strong and stand in her power in every single way”. And that’s the message for all of us Stand in Your Power! Be You! Be Free! Be Liberated! Shop our “Liberate” crewneck and let’s spread the word.

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