I’m Your Trap Queen: A Poem by Camonghne Felix

I’m Your Trap Queen: A Poem by Camonghne Felix

I’m Your Trap Queen: A Poem by Camonghne Felix

So notorious you don't even know what I look like

everybody's boo everybody first love everybody's thot everybody good fuck everybody's tit everybody's mama everybody's abandoned everybody's excuse everybody's lament

Black women are always everything to everybody- the good, the bad, and the ugly. But rarely are we ever seen from the depths of our souls. It’s always what can we do for others. It’s time we change the narrative and stand tall in our power. 

You love

that shit, the way I put my black on

flex in it, put my whole foot in it, so black you can't divorce it, so black you don't speak

my language, black in your wet dream, I come

Black. My black is residual, will not wash out of the duvet.

you love to deliver

love to send the sickled train down my throat, love to shut me up

turn the floodlights off &

Trap Queen don't fear shit except, how easily

my body leaves me, how often it is not mine.

How often have we been used and abused to the point that we don’t recognize who we are? Not just physically, but mentally. The facade that we evoke hiding the fact that we are strong, yet we also hurt. 

Trap Queen don't fear shit, except an unlimited

caricature, except the way they tow my narrative

right out of my own mouth and iron it out flat.

It’s time we tell our own stories and stop letting others paint a watered-down version of what a strong unwavering black woman is!

Trap Queen don’t fear shit, except for how

Errybody lay claim when the sun falls, except

for how I can't keep a moment of myself to

myself. Don’t fear shit except the way my

lonesome is your invitation, the way

all my power coagulates

The way the world will lay its violences at the threat

of my able black body.

Simply put- we are prey! Because we are black and because we are women. 

Except, the way nobody

got my back. Until I’m face forward, an obituary

a red prayer orbiting, until

Errybody forget about it

& find my sister. & Repeat.

For our mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins and friends- the change starts with us! The cycle ends today! Shop our “Protect Black Women” Apparel and let’s start a revolution. 

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