Has Society Failed The Black Woman? It Starts from Youth!

Has Society Failed The Black Woman? It Starts from Youth!

Has Society Failed The Black Woman? It Starts from Youth!

Ok! So we don’t want to beat a dead horse but some things never go away! Some things we can’t erase from our memory and they leave us wondering- is there something we could have done. Brace yourself! We’re talking about R. Kelly! Now this is not a bashing session but a “how could we have possibly protected our girls”, session. Yes, OUR GIRLS! Sexual assault amongst women, black woman, continues to be a topic that’s not openly discussed- and it should!

Now back to the “Pied Piper”! How could abuse to this extent go unnoticed- or was it? We always talk about ways we could protect black women- let’s start with “If you see something say something”. Based on the series “Surviving R. Kelly” we hear from people in his camp that allegedly recant moments when they felt or knew something was wrong. These are the moments that we’re referencing. In order to protect black women we have to speak up- even if that means reporting and addressing someone that may be close to us.

The series also conveyed that the majority of abuse happened to underaged girls- some “planted” by their parents. It starts from youth! We have to instill a sense of trust and openness without condemnation in our daughters, sisters, nieces etc. That it is ok to speak up and we will listen and not only listen- but believe and take action. In black households abuse is swept under the rug and these young girls become adults way before they’re supposed to- left to lead a life filled with mental scars. And for the parents who may have experienced the same abuse as a child, it’s hard, we know. But it’s time to break generational curses- protect the little girl in you.

Even with the “Me Too Movement”, society has made it difficult for black women to come forward out of fear of not being believed! It starts with us. We have to continue the fight, we have to teach OUR GIRLS. “It’s ok, I believe you, you are loved, you are protected”. What we soak up as kids seeps through our pores as adults. Protect Black Woman!

  • “1 in 4 Black girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18.”
  • “40-60% of Black women report being subjected to coercive sexual contact by age 18.”
  • “Among students, 11% of Black girls in a national high school sample reported having been raped.”
  • “African American girls and women 12 years and older experienced higher rates of rape and sexual assault than White, Asian, and Latina girls and women from 2005-2010.”
  • “30% of Black women with documented histories of childhood sexual abuse were sexually assaulted in adulthood.”
  • “For every black woman who reports rape, at least 15 black women do not report.”
  • “Because of African-Americans’ unique history of racist and sexist victimization, the Black community has an even harder time than others dealing with rape. This prevents survivors from getting help and our community from addressing the issue effectively.”

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