Code-Switching In the Office (Counsel Culture)

Code-Switching In the Office (Counsel Culture)

Code-Switching In the Office (Counsel Culture)

Code-switching is the act of changing our behaviors, including speech, dress, and mannerisms, to conform to a different cultural norm than what we might authentically do in our own homes.

If you’re reading this and you’re guilty of code-switching- raise your hand! (Don’t be ashamed, we raised our hand as well). Sad to say, code-switching is very common in the workplace and sometimes we do it without even realizing it. Do you have a “white voice”, that’s code-switching! Do you straighten your hair to go on interviews instead of wearing your “Crown”, that’s code-switching! Do you eat salads on lunch with your coworkers even though you really want some Popeyes (slight drag)- that’s code-switching!

But, is there a middle ground? Where is the line drawn between personal expression and professionalism? And should a line even exist? Our opinion- Yes! It’s important to be yourself but singing “Throat Baby” at company karaoke may not be the way to go. 

The real question is- How do we express individuality in the workplace?

    1. CHOOSE A COMPANY BASED ON CULTURE FIT: Simple enough, you decide where you want to work. During your job search research the founders and what they stand for. Check out the Linked In profiles of some of the current employees. Read reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Startup companies typically have a diverse culture that promotes being uniquely you. If you’re not getting a good vibe- then it’s not the job for you.
  • FIND YOUR TRIBE- YES AT WORK!: Staring at a new job can definitely be nerve-racking- but there’s always at least one person that you’ll vibe with. This is the person that you can truly be yourself with AND they’ll show you the ropes. Find that person! 
      1. THE BALANCING ACT: Your personality can shine through in so many ways. If you’re in a corporate office where you have to wear business attire- accessorize! Throw on a bracelet or earrings that represent your personal style. Add a pop of color and style to your outfit with shoes.
  • CREATE A SAFE HAVEN: Your desk! Deck it out with items and images that remind you of home. Every time you look up, or you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed you’ll find peace in familiarity. We’re at work 40+ hours a day- it’s your home away from home- design it to your liking.
    1. COUNSEL CULTURE: Companies typically have in-house social events/programs. Get involved! Use this as an opportunity to display your culture. There are also ERG groups: Employee Resource Groups- you know the saying “create what you’d like to be a part of.”

    You can show up to work and still SHOW UP to work! Shop our Counsel Culture apparel today and stay true to you!

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