Can Single Mothers Raise Black Boys?

Can Single Mothers Raise Black Boys?

Can Single Mothers Raise Black Boys?

Can you see the “S” on her chest?! No? Take a closer look! And no, “S” does not stand for single but for SUPER! Some people are blinded to the fact that single mothers possess the capabilities to raise their young black boys to be strong black men….in the absence of a father!

We are not taking away the fact that young boys need there dads, but we are highlighting that women who have to play the role of mommy and daddy deserve more credit. It’s difficult being a parent, let alone being two. 

Single Moms Have To:

  • Over compensate with extra attention, gifts and love to fill the void of an absentee father.
  • “Balance” work and quality time. Notice the quotation marks because no one can be in two places at once, it’s not easy, but super moms find a way to make it happen!
  • Answer the probing questions when they finally muster up the courage to ask about their dad. 
  • Then deal with the emotional scars, doubt, abandonment issues and sometimes blame, that comes as they grow through adolescents.

We often hear “Only a man can raise a man”. It’s time that we debunk that myth. A single mother household does not mean a lacking one- it means a go harder to make it a thriving one.

Single Moms Are:

  • Nurturing and intentional.
  • Patient and understanding. 
  • Therapists and best friends!
  • Chefs, maids, life coaches, doctors, teachers and so much more!

And they raise men who are resilient, courageous, thoughtful, determined, STRONG! It’s time that credit is given where credit is due. Single moms deserve accolades for the hoops and hurdles they have to jump through to raise a young black man in the United States! If you’re reading this… we see you sis!

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