Black Women In Cannabis: Carving Out More Equity In A Male Dominant Industry

Black Women In Cannabis: Carving Out More Equity In A Male Dominant Industry

Black Women In Cannabis: Carving Out More Equity In A Male Dominant Industry

Boss Babes Only! We’re highlighting 5 black, women-owned cannabis companies that rose above adversities so we can have a seat at the table!

Cannabis, but for the body! 

Meet Symone, Founder of Sincerely, Bädé @thebadecollection. Handcrafted in Harlem, and sourced from domestic- women-owned farms in her community, Symone founded Bädé- pronounced Body, to naturally reduce inflammation. The goal- creating natural holistic products that soothe pain using Hemp-derived CBD products. With a background in fitness, Symone took pain into her own hands. From creating products in the kitchen to alleviate her pain to starting a wellness business focused on the physically active, Sincerely Bädé was born to celebrate human life’s beautiful diversity, which includes constant motion, activity, and unique experiences.

From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship

Meet Megon Dee, Founder of Oracle Wellness Company @chefmegondee. If you’re going to talk about turning setbacks into triumphs, Megon should be in the conversation. In her past, she was arrested SEVEN times for cannabis-related crimes. Now, she uses her knowledge of CBD to promote wellness through food and educate her community through Cannacademy- an online resource center focused on the healing properties of cannabis specifically focused on Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, and Stage 4 cancer. 

The Last One Standing

Meet Nicole Kennedy, Co-Founder of Green Muse @gogreenmuse. The Green Muse is the 1st Hip Hop Dispensary AND is the last standing, black-owned business in its neighborhood of Woodlawn in Portland Oregon. If that isn’t unique enough let’s talk about the products! Each strain is curated to embody the essence of black culture changers! 

“The Tropicana Cookies”- Aretha Franklin: Helps you feel inspired!! The smell/aroma is strong and citrusy. The trichomes are vibrant on this strain. Solid smoke for the mid-day or social event.

“Duct Tape”- Whoopi Goldberg: For that Stony but Dreamy and Carefree vibe that you can chill on. We call it Whoopi because of her dominant Terps B-Caryophyllene & Myrcene!

“WAP”- Cardi B. + Meg The Stallion: Wondrous and Potent! One of our newest strains is the perfect way to end a nightcap. Delivering a stress-relieving, relaxing, and euphoric high, its’ best enjoyed after a long day of work.

And there’s so much more where those came from! 

Sexy Is The New Stoner

Meet Tori, Founder @Canna.Luxe. Tori’s brand is a full representation of its title! Think sexy, luxurious, aesthetically pleasing, and combine those with smoking accessories! Now imagine an ashtray that also doubles a wine coaster or a Bubbler that blends in with your decor so well that your mom won’t notice! It’s a win-win! 

The mission behind Canna Luxe is one of inspiration: 

Canna Luxe Co is 100% female, minority-owned with an aggressive approach in assisting other minorities with a pathway into the industry. Our mission is to not only destigmatize what the canna consumer looks like but to also position other minorities not just as consumers but as owners within the industry.”

AKA if they won’t give you a seat at the table, Tori & Canna Luxe will help you pull one up! 

Young & In Charge

Meet Hope Wiseman, Founder of Mary & Main @MaryandMain. As seen on CBS- The youngest black women-owned dispensary owner. Hope is 29! Let that settle in! Her goal is to provide opportunities and educate the black community on how to create generational wealth via the cannabis industry. 

Hope states "It's hard to get into the industry no matter who you are. Being a Black person and being a young woman only exacerbate the challenges. I am constantly being looked at as not as qualified. I think a lot of Black people already have that image in business, and then you add on being a woman. A lot of men have a hard time taking direction from a woman or looking at them as equal. Then add on that I'm 20 years younger than a lot of my counterparts — people have a hard time taking me seriously."

Women like Hope, Symone, Megon, Nicole, and Tori shape the present narrative that women can do anything! And do it exemplary well! Pull up! Shop our “Frontline” hoodie and show them whose boss!

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