Be His Peace In A World Of Injustice

Be His Peace In A World Of Injustice

Be His Peace In A World Of Injustice

In a world full of hate, it’s important that we “love up” on our men. The gut-wrenching pain and anxiety that arises when we turn on the news and see that another black man has been killed are unbearable and borderline depressive. It is our duties, as strong black women to provide a sense of calm amidst the turmoil.

Here’s 3 Simple Ways To Be His Peace:

Make Space For Vulnerability:

As women, we shout it from the rooftops that we want to be truly heard. But, do we allow the same courtesy to our men? We have to learn to create a safe space for them to openly express how they feel- without judgment. How do we do that? Listen- to understand not to respond. A good ear goes a long way, don’t project, criticize or chastise, simply listen. This lets them know that they can confide in you during their happiest and most sensitive moments. 

Find Ways To Alleviate Stress:

Ladies! We all know the way to a man’s! A good home-cooked meal is a nonverbal way of showing that you care. You know, the same way it makes us feel when bae asks “Did you eat?”. Cook that man his favorite meal! Run a bath! Give him a massage! Sometimes we get so lost in what a man can do for us that we forget that nurturing and affection go both ways. A man may forget many things but he will never forget how you made him feel.

Be His Biggest Fan:

“What’s your love language?” is definitely one of those popular questions floating around social media. Out of the the 5; Quality time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts- Words Of Affirmation should be high on anyones list. Encouraging your partner, giving them props, telling them that you’re proud of them, telling them that you love them or how grateful you are for them shows you care. Non-verbal and verbal gestures go hand in hand! You can’t have one without the other. 

He’s already fighting the world...Shop our “No Damn Peace” Crewneck support him in the streets and be his peace when he gets home. 

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