Be An Original Not A Copy Paste!

Be An Original Not A Copy Paste!

Be An Original Not A Copy Paste!

Woman! No, BLACK woman! Please don’t ever forget that what makes you unique are your differences. We don’t need duplicates of what society deems “beautiful”. We need you, in all of your melinated glory!

It’s important that we as black woman show up in this world as our authentic selves. After all individuality is what we’re known for. When we start to conform- we blend in and when you blend in you get lost amongst those that lack identity. When we walk into a room, we make people turn their heads and they wonder “Who is that girl, who is that?!”.

“They” say we’re loud, we’re ghetto, we have attitudes, we don’t know how to be submissive- people will always try to belittle and minimize what they don’t understand. But, what’s truly understood doesnt need to be explained- We are beautiful, we’re go getters, we are survivors, we are protectors, we are queens, and we demand respect. Black woman can take up space without uttering a single word! If there’s one thing we ever do in life, it’s commanding the presence we wholeheartedly deserve! Listen, we’ve fought for this, its our time now.

What are black woman made of? We’re made of struggle and perseverance, we’re made of strength and softness, we’re made of pride and humility, we’re made of beauty and beast, we’re made of melanin and magic!

Our Melanin is drippin! Our beauty mesmerizing! Our intelligence profound! Our strength unwavering! Our crowns sparkling! Our magic captivating! And our cares- absent! We don’t copy paste- we’re the blueprint.

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