Awe-Inspiring Black Content Creators

Awe-Inspiring Black Content Creators

Awe-Inspiring Black Content Creators

Whether we choose to admit it or not, we spend a lot of time on social media. It’s literally become a part of our day-to-day; we run our businesses, make connections, and build community. Look at who a person follows and it will tell you a lot about who they are. We consume so much of others’ energies on social media that it’s important to fill your cup with those who are awe-inspiring- in whatever that means for you. 

Today we’re highlighting 3 Black Content Creators that boost our spirits:

  1. Alexandra Elle| @Alex_Elle Is an author, poet, and self-care/self-love advocate. Through her poetry and affirmations, Alex evokes a raw sense of self. She takes us on a journey through her most intimate life experiences through her words. You know those quotes that make you rejoice or reflect, the ones you repost without hesitation- that’s what you’ll find over at @Alex_Elle. Alexandra is the author of “In Courage Journal”, “After The Rain”, Words of a Wanderer”, “Neon Soul”, “A Note 2 Self”, “Today I Affirm”, “Growing in Gratitude” and “Love In My Language”. And creator of The Hey Girl Podcast focused on sisterhood and storytelling.


Peeling back our emotional layers is an intense process, but we have the power to be our greatest teacher when we use writing in our moments of self-reflection.” ~Alex Elle 

“Personally, affirming myself has taught me that I have the power to be kind to myself, even with my flaws and shortcomings.” ~Alex Elle 

  1. Kendra Austin| @Kendramorous is a body-positive model, storyteller, and collective healer. Through her images. she shows that you should love yourself no matter what size you are or flaws you feel you may have, and she does it in a lighthearted humorous way. Beauty comes in any shape size or color and she is a full representation of just that. Kendra also uses astrology to guide and heal her social community. 

For my next act, I will be stepping away from discourse about WHY fat black women are allowed to just be hot, and I will hot! thank you!”

“Is today the day you decide that there is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are? it’d be a lot cooler if it was.”

  1. Refinery 29 Unbothered| @r29unbothered, founded by Ally Hickson| @AllyHickson. Refinery 29 has been under scrutiny for accusations of being racists towards black women of color at their company. So what do black women of color do?! We rise to the occasion. In December of 2017 Refinery Unbothered was launched on Instagram. It serves as a catalyst to highlight everything black and everything women- unapologetically. Its Bio states “#r29unbothered is made for and by Black millennial women, celebrating the beauty, strength, and power in our community”.

They felt like it was really important to make sure that black women had a safe space and felt seen at the brand.” ~Managing editor Danielle Cadet 

“They didn’t feel like their stories were being told, or that people who looked like them were on-site regularly — whether it was articles, or images, or a specific tone that resonated with black millennial women.” ~Managing editor Danielle Cadet 

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