Are Black Women TOO Blunt?

Are Black Women TOO Blunt?

Are Black Women TOO Blunt?

Let’s talk about it! In getting straight to the point- women of color are known to be outspoken and in your face. But, who deemed this a problem? And why should we even care- here's a hint, we shouldn't!

Historically (Cue in our new VP/aunty Kamala Harris), we’re usually speaking up for ourselves and taking back our power. The commentary after Kamala said “I am speaking” amplified the double sided coin when non-black men and women took to social media to express their distaste for the way that she “carried herself”. The misconception is, if a woman asserts herself she’s aggressive, she’s rude, she’s “difficult to work with”. The concerning part is we question ourselves and then begin to change who we are to be accepted. Are women of color too blunt or are we keeping it real? Survey says, we’re the real deal!

We feel the need to defend ourselves, make our backs a little straighter, hold our heads higher, because of opportunities that we were deprived of, because of pain that we’ve endured in the past, simply because we are women!  In a world full of fraudulent, it’s important for you us, as black women, to stay authentic to who we are. No dimming lights for 2021, we’re screwing in fluorescent bulbs!

We should continue to respectfully stand up for ourselves, we should continue to speak our minds in a world where our opinions have been undervalued, we should continue to go after whatever our hearts desire. We are women, black, blunt, and real! We got the mics now, and we’re speaking!

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