5 Ways To Love The Black Woman Better

5 Ways To Love The Black Woman Better

5 Ways To Love The Black Woman Better

“Black women treasure trust and consistency in love. They also desire a sense of security rooted in something more -- and much more precious -- than just material concerns.” Dr. Ronn Elmore

For Valentine's Day, we’re yearning for the gift of love. Here are 5 ways to Love The Black Woman Better:

  1. Show Appreciation: Actions always speak louder than words. Show up for her in ways that she needs as opposed to feeding an ego. Love can’t be bought-- it grows through silent gestures that ignite her soul. Cook her favorite meal, grease her scalp, run her a bath after a long day of work, binge watch her favorite Netflix series so you can understand why she identifies with Joanne over Toni!
  2. Listen To Her: No long paragraph, it’s that simple! As black women we want to be heard--heard without being labeled difficult. Take notice that to every action, there’s a reaction. Subconsciously we will raise our voices because 1) we’ve repeated ourselves multiple times over several occasions 2) we feel ignored. Listen with the intent to comprehend and save the headache.
  3. Be Vulnerable: Open up to the notion that in order to be loved you have to give love. Giving love means that you give from your core, the depths of your being- the traumas, the triumphs, the parts that need healing and nurturing. When you open yourself, you allow love to flow and in turn, you’re able to love the black woman the way she needs to be loved.
  4. Have Her Back: Stand up for her always! Be her voice when others try to silence her. Defend her when she’s being attacked and know that attacks don’t have to be physical. Make her feel safe, protect her!
  5. Be Trustworthy: Point, blank, period, without trust, there is no relationship. Black women unintentionally have to exist in the world wearing invisible armor. We don’t want to have to also fight for your love. We don’t want to or won’t compete with other women to “win” you. We want to know that when we open our hearts you’re fully capable of keeping it intact.

And here’s a bonus for the people in the back. BE HER PEACE! Love a black woman right and your level up will be unmatched. Shop our “Protect Black Women” apparel today. 

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